Our story begins in early 2015 with Mike Doyle teaching simulator lessons in the back of a men’s clothing store in midtown Manhattan. As the demand for Mike’s lessons grew, Mike and student Jared Solomon started dreaming about an indoor golf facility where Mike could teach more lessons and golfers could work to improve their game — all while flipping standard golf culture on its head and appealing to everyone.

With Mike and Jared clueless as to how to actually execute their grand idea, the final two co-founders, summer camp friends Nora Dunnan and Katherine Solomon (also Jared’s wife) entered the scene. With Nora operating the ship and Katherine navigating through some early legal storms, Five Iron Golf was launched and open for business in mid-2017.

Five Iron has quickly re-shaped urban golf culture and has expanded from Manhattan to Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, growing from Mike’s original lesson crew to a re-imagined, high-tech, inclusive urban golf experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. Five Iron is for everyone.

For the serious golfer, Five Iron hosts best-in-class simulators, Trackman lesson studios, access to teaching professionals, practice time, leagues, club storage, showers, top-of-the-line clubs that are free to use during your booking, and in-house club fitting services.

For the less-than-serious golfer (and let’s be honest, most of the serious golfers too), Five Iron’s locations offer flexible event spaces, full bar service, fantastic food menus, games, widescreen TVs, a junior program, and much more.

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